A Prestigious group in Romania requires the following Male staff to join their company

Salary : $517 (95,000/-)

Minimum age to apply this vacancy is 25 years

It’s a farm of 100,000 chickens, the main object of activity is to produce eggs, most things are done automatically, but there are also things done manually.

The attributions of the candidates are:

1. Cleaning in the hen hall, sweeping and dirt.

2. Visit to birds (means that the cage will extract the dead bunches and put them in bags.

3. Cleaning the egg lines and the cages, lubricating the mechanical parts with the vasilin and the oil, if a strip of manure breaks, which passes under the automatic heap cages, we have to unload it and stick it, so but rarely there is the possibility of more dirty operations

4. Cleaning around the yard in the yard, cutting grass, painting, disinfecting etc.

5. Egg collection, cleaning of dirty eggs, cleaning and sanitation in the egg collection hall.

They will have an 8-hour program + lunch break - 6 days/week. But there will also be certain moments when they will need to stay over the program.

As well they will have 3 decent rooms in the farm, showers and toilets and a dining room equipped with a microwave refrigerator

Above video is for demonstrations purpose only

      • Terms & Conditions
    • Two (3) years contract renewable
    • Working hours: 10hrs per day
    • Overtime: 2 hr fixed
    • Food: Duty meal provided
    • Accommodation, Transpiration & Medical Facilities: Provided
    • Leave benefits: As per Romania Labour Law
    • Air Ticket: Return ticket after completion of 3 years contact
    • All other terms & conditions as per Romania Labour Law

Kindly come to office for more information

205A, 3rd Floor,

Negombo Road


Please contact us on:

072 227 56 00

072 227 56 02

011 360 55 22

011 360 55 23