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Please see the requirements for a nurse candidate below:

RN Criteria – below is an outline of RN applicant

1. Ideally a BSN – but will take other nursing programs – Diploma, Associates degree that meet US requirements

RN program must provide integrated content to cover theory and clinical hours in
i. Pediatrics
ii. Maternity
iii. Psychiatry
iv. Medical and surgical
Minimum criteria is
 70 theory hours and 127 clinical hours in medical nursing;
 70 theory hours and 104 clinical hours in surgical nursing;
 31 theory hours and 44 clinical hours in obstetrics
 32 theory hours and 43 clinical hours in pediatrics
 34 theory hours and 53 clinical hours in psychiatric/mental health nursing

• Theory and Clinical hours should ideally be completed concurrently
• If the RN is also an RM (Registered Midwife) then we can often include this transcript along with the RN transcript to meet the requirements
• If RN was an enrolled nurse or LPN can also often include this to make up hours
• Will accept diploma, certificate, associate programs that meet minimum US requirements

2. IELTS passer if required

• Most countries will require a pass in the IELTS exam before we can commence the license and NCLEX-RN examination process.

• Scores for IELTS (most commonly taken need to be Overall 6.5 with Speaking of 7.0
• For more information www.ielts.org

3. RN with minimum of 1-3 years of current and consistent relevant nursing experience

4. Holds a current license or right to practice in the country they are working in

5. Experience gained in a tertiary level hospital of 100+ beds or in a large secondary level hospital of more than 75 beds

6. Clinical settings:

• Adult Medical -surgical – all areas and subspecialties considered
• ICU – all
• ER
• HDU/Stepdown
• Telemetry
• Oncology
• Hematology
• Psychiatry
• PICU – only considered from from tertiary level
• NICU – only considered from Level III or IV NICU units
• Pediatric Medical-surgical – only considered from tertiary level facilities or pediatric specialty facilities
• Dialysis – considered only if RN has already passed NCLEX
• Labor and Delivery – from first world countries only
• Cath Lab – need to be “best of the best”

7. Driven to succeed
8. Committed
9. Honest
10. Flexible on location
11. Age range 23-43 years

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