A Prestigious  Wood Company in Romania requires the below staff

Basic Salary: US $600/- (LKR 196,000/-)

Candidate Should be able to communicate in Basic English

Minimum 1-year experience in the above field with certifications

Terms & Condition

  • Two (2) years contract renewable
  • Working hours: 8 hrs a day 48 hrs a week, 1 day off
  • Accommodation- Provided
  • Transportation & Medical Facilities: As per Romania labour Law
  • Leave benefits: As per Romania’s labour Law
  • Air Ticket: Return ticket after completion of 2  years contact
  • All other terms & conditions as per Romania labour Law

Kindly come to the office for more information

824/A, Kerangapokuna,

Negombo Road


Please contact us on:

072 227 8900