Executes all welding processes for high-pressure vessels, distributors, flanges and sutures made of stainless steel or aluminum, based on working instructions.

Executes all brazing processes for copper pipes, based on working instructions

Primary functional responsibilities

  • Perform all welding processes in stainless steel processing, based on the working instructions, as follows:
  • Welding processes
  • Holds the necessary tools and equipment for the process
  • Holds stock with spare parts and accessories for welding equipment
  • Check the quality of products or materials before and after processing
  • Deliver finished products for the next process
  • Perform all brazing processes on connectors or pipe and elbow connections, based on the working instructions, as follows:
  • Inspection of the unit before processing.
  • Inspection of the circuit, collectors and distributor.
  • Brazing of connectors, pipes, elbows.
  • Quality inspection after the brazing process.
  • Execute Feature-related improvement programs, such as 5S, Kaizen Improvement, and other programs.
  • Performs tasks with the highest level of quality and efficiency.
  • Before starting the assembly procedure, check that the operating area is free to avoid human accidents and material damage.
  • Inform the team leader about machine damage and damage.
  • Take care of the durability of the machines and tools.


  • High school or vocational education, preferably in the technical field.


  • Experience in welding stainless steel materials is an advantage.
  • Experience in brazing copper is an advantage.

Technical skills

  • Understanding schemes and projects.
  • Technical and mechanical knowledge.
  • Awareness of safety measures.·
  • Sufficient knowledge of welding.·
  • Knowledge of brazing

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